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The Rush Casino

    The Rush Casino (Gold Rush Hotel & Casino) is a mid-size casino in Cripple Creek, CO offering a nice mix of slot machines and table games. Opening its doors under new ownership in late spring, The Rush expects to have 290 slot machines, black jack and 3 card poker. Within the first year, The Rush plans to expand by adding more slot machines, add in roulette and craps.

About Us

12 Reasons Why “The Rush” Casino is Different

1) Owner driven casino.

We will have an owner at the casino (or sleeping nearby) all day everyday. Unless the other owner is on his way or we take a short break to hike, eat, or sleep, we will have an owner at the casino...period.

2) Customer service.

We will greet you, meet you, and make sure you are treated like friends and family. We know that all casinos say this, but we promise that you will have more contact with owners, general managers, and managers than anywhere else. We want 90% of our mistakes to be fixed on the floor, 5% by management, but if that doesn't work, the general manager or an owner will be there to help. You may not always like the answer, but you will always get one...right then, right there.

3) Loose Slots.

We can show you the data if you want, but we will set our machines to pay out more than the Cripple Creek average. We feel that if we provide slot machines that pay and great customer service, we can be as profitable as other casinos even if we pay more.

4) We will make more mistakes than other casinos.

The owners are Lance, the real estate guy, Joanna, a former Naval Academy Grad and officer, and Mike the trash guy. We don't have gaming experience. This is good because you'll see things run differently at The Rush. We will mess up. When we do, we will apologize and try to make it better. Please give us a chance to make up for our mistakes. If we can't fix your problem then we don't deserve your business and you should play somewhere else.

5) Special Food.

We didn't hire a cook. We hired an award winning chef. You will find special things like hand sliced fresh potato french fries, homemade sausage at breakfast, fresh, ground in our own kitchen, beef for the gourmet burgers, soups, pies, and tons of dishes made from scratch. We won't say we won't ever open a can, but you will taste the fresh ingredients and special care Chef Jamie provides.

6) Buffet priced the way you want.

With a $2.99 buffet breakfast, a dinner buffet during the week just under ten bucks, and a 24 hour buffet for $17.99. We will get you the food that tastes great, in the portion styles you choose. We won't offer 20 or even 10 main dishes on the buffet, but the four to five entrees and a variety of sides we put out will meet your taste bud needs.

7) We will focus on having fun.

We know that your entertainment dollars are precious to you. If we can't make your experience fun, then we are failing. We may get a little zany or off the wall. We may even make you mad with some of our craziness, but we also know we can make you smile.

8) We may not have quite as many fancy things to start.

We are not a big company or corporation. This is just a couple of friends putting a casino together. We know that we may not be the biggest or fanciest, but we will listen to you the customer. Please tell us when there is something we need to get to make your time enjoyable. Instead of sending profits back to an out of state company, we will invest money back into making our (your) casino the best it can be.

9) The Gold Rush building is one of a kind.

No other casino in Cripple Creek has a world famous ceiling, 900 person amphitheater, classic staircase to the hotel, long double sided bar, and a casino floor with no stairs to maneuver.

10) Our hotel is unique.

Just walk right upstairs to rest or relax. Our rooms with Cripple Creek character include a free mini bar and breakfast. Come grab a movie downstairs for free and relax with complimentary wine, beer, sodas, and snacks. All rooms have free wifi and flat screen TVs.

11) Off the wall marketing.

Please bear with us if we get too crazy. We love to have fun and our marketing will reflect that. You may see the owner in a dunk tank or in a crazy costume. We might have crazy contests and off the wall events. In the end, our goal is to make you smile!

12) We will listen to you.

12) We will listen to you. If you have a compliment please share it with others. If you have a complaint, please tell us so we can fix i1/k....//''t. We can't get better without your help. You see, we don't have a big company or corporation to answer to. You are our boss and we are happy to work for you!








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Cripple Creek, CO.


209 Bennett Ave, Cripple Creek, CO 80816


The Rush Casino (Gold Rush Hotel & Casino) is located in Cripple Creek, CO; 44 miles from Colorado Springs, 63 miles from Pueblo and 110 miles from Denver


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Lance Dehning


The Gold Rush is founded by Lance Dehning, an entrepreneur and real estate investor who has successfully flipped/rehabbed over 400 homes and managed 100s of residential, commercial and multi-family properties as well as small sub-divisions. Lance has run his own real estate investment company for the last 16 years and shared his experience and knowledge as an instructor with the Nouveau Riche University around the country reaching over 10,000 real estate investors. Lance also started a company that sold investment real estate over the Internet. In the four years of operation, the company bought and sold over 200 income properties. Lance was mostly involved with the acquisition and rehabbing (when needed) of properties which often included a strict attention to budget and managing over 15 workers at a time as well as customer service. Prior to real estate, Lance received his masters degree in education and taught extensively overseas as well as in the United States as a high school teacher and tennis coach. Lance truly has an unmatched drive and work ethic; thirst for knowledge in the gaming industry; superb negotiation skills from his extensive real estate experience and the creative, big picture vision to run, grow the casino and ensure its success.

Joanna Walters

Owner / Chief Operating Officer

Joanna Walters has an MBA from DePaul University in Entrepreneurship and E-Commerce. Directly after graduation, Joanna left the Navy and began working as a corporate Business Development Manager/Account Executive for Procter & Gamble on the national Albertsons team. While at P&G, she was instrumental in developing the overall corporate strategy (assortment, shelving, pricing and promotion plans) for ABS PAPER Category as well as increasing overall sales by over 20%. She is also a graduate of the U. S. Naval Academy and was among the first women on warships. She has spent a great deal of her career developing her leadership skills in the fiercely competitive Surface Warfare Community by successfully taking a large group of individuals and molding them into a team working towards one common goal. She spent two years focusing on the training and mentoring of the over 16,000+ recruits that annually pass through the Navy's only boot camp, Recruit Training Command Great Lakes. Her experience in Public affairs and dealing with the press are also a strength that she brings to the organization. Joanna left corporate America after the birth of her first child and has since doing contract management consulting in her free time, flipping houses and starting small businesses. Now that her children are in school, Joanna is eager to resume a new full time business challenge in this exciting field. Her strong inner drive, creativity, and attention to detail are attributes that will ensure the success of The Gold Rush.

Mike Huey

Owner / Chief Operating Officer

Mike began his professional career managing a Burger King franchise for seven years. It was one of the top ten franchises in the State of Colorado. He was in charge of all aspects of the restaurant. In 1981, Mike and his family purchased Town & Country Disposal, Inc., a trash hauling company based in Boulder County. Mike was President of the company and managed up to 35 employees. In the 21 years the company was owned, it grew from 3 to 34 trucks. Town & Country was responsible for getting recycling started in Louisville, Lafayette and Erie, Colorado, including the Glen Huey Recycling Drop Off Center in Louisville. Mike and his two brothers were in charge of all aspects of the business and oversaw the planning and building of a new facility in Erie, Colorado. Town & Country was sold to a large, national trash company in 2002. After Town & Country was sold, Mike began successfully rehabbing properties in Colorado as a real estate investor. The many years of being self employed and running successful businesses has taught Mike the value of hard work and perseverance. He looks forward to bringing his high energy and skills of managing projects and people to the Gold Rush.


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